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John Thompson (OGPLUMBGOD)

John Thompson is an influencer, licensed plumber, entrepreneur and co-founder of Plumbgod Media along side of his wife Devynn Thompson. He works tirelessly to highlight and recognize other contractors and travels the world to share each of their success stories. He also serves as a Keynote speaker, operates Plumbgod apparel company, Co-owns Thompson Family Plumbing and is the creative director of Plumbgod Media.
John and Devynn gained a following on Instagram from the truthful and insightful stories they experienced and discusses victories and defeats of being a small business plumbing contractor. With the rawness of their message and intent to share what they have learned, they give contractors a piece of insight to the accounts given from all the other professionals they interview. With written blogs, interviews and podcasts, Plumbgod Media shares the daily life of featured contractors, reviews new tools and materials to provide an appreciation for those men and women who work be better than they were the day before.