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Don’t even start reading any of this shit if you’re not ready to learn and change.
A lot of contractors have the mentality that they are already doing everything right and they don’t need to do anything to be better
If you’re one of those people don’t waste your time. If you’re ready to change your business and outlook on daily operations and small business, then buck up and read on.

4 Reasons Why Calling a Professional Plumber is better than DIY

It’s a common misconception that plumbing services can be easily taken care of at home itself. Why call the plumber to fix a small leak in the bathroom when you can do it yourself? It is highly advised that you call in the professionals, especially when it comes to plumbing, since one wrong step can lead to a massive mishap, costing you more money and time. Here are 4 reasons why professional plumbing is always a better option than doing it yourself.   1.  Savings – It’s a common notion that doing your own plumbing work around the house will save you a lot of money. Unfortunately, no DIY work can compare with having the  expertise that a licensed plumber brings to the job. This is why it is essential to get even the smallest of plumbing problems shown to a professional before they turn into a larger, unmanageable nightmare. Our plumbers have been providing plumbing services in Apple Valleyas well as plumbing solutions in Hesperia and a wide range of other locations, so the expertise that we bring to the job has been perfected over [...]

Go For Noritz Winners

Go For Noritz Winners Posted on September 27, 2016 by noritz Go For Noritz Winners Showcase Top-of-the-line Installs FIRST PLACE: John Thompson, owner at Thompson Family Plumbing & Rooter Inc. Congratulations to our first place winner, John Thompson, owner of Thompson Family Plumbing & Rooter Inc. in southern California! The winning photo featured an EZTR40 residential tankless water heater installation.. Thompson Family Plumbing & Rooter Inc. A plumber for nine years, Thompson has been installing Noritz throughout his career. He is particularly drawn to the energy-saving benefits of tankless water heaters, the ability to swap out individual parts instead of the entire unit if something is wrong, and the built-in recirculation pump found in the NRCP model. “After installing an NRCP unit in my own home, I’ve been saving $100 in energy every month,” says Thompson. “Noritz’s energy-saving benefits help my company achieve its dual mission of pleasing customers and protecting the environment by reducing our carbon footprint.”

Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.

WORKING TOGETHER IS A SUCCESS As a child you learn and explore the world around you. You establish your perceptions and develop your character. We learn that we can do anythingwe set our minds to, however, we cannot do everything…at least not all or once or on our own.  You may be sitting there thinking, I can do everything I want to do, because you’re driven and determined. That’s great, but let’s face it, we simply cannot accomplish everything on our own. We need help and need to work productively with others to achieve our dreams and goals. Yes, some of us are better at this than others… At Thompson Family Plumbing we know each person plays a vital role for the over all success of customer satisfaction. From our office staff, field technicians, and management, we all have learned to rely on each other as an extension of each position. We know that communication is key to provide superior service and performance within each of our roles.  It is each of our top priority to streamline production of service and customer expectation by working [...]

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